Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And so it begins

I have always loved to bake. Whether it be cookies or cake it doesn't matter I just love to make sweet treats. A couple Christmas' ago my sister gave me all her shaped Wilton pans. A lot of these pans were ones that my mother had used when we were children. I always loved when mom would make our cakes. They were so special and filled with love. I have done a few little cakes here and there for my children and family members and have absolutely fallen in love with decorating cakes. I have also begun to watch the shows on Food Network like "Cake Boss" and am amazed at what all can be done with a little bit of creativity and gum-paste.

My sister and I have long talked about opening up a pie shop together once she moves back home after her husband is retired from the Air Force. This won't necessarily have to be just pies but all those sweet treats we love so much. I have decided that as well as all of the sweet treats I would like to add in specialty cake's. You know, the cool pretty ones that are all airbrushed and sparkly. The cakes that look like an image of a dream come to life. While I have only done a few little cakes for family so far my goal is to practice at all the awesome techniques out there and get really good at this thing that has taken over almost every thought that I have.


I am so blessed to have a supportive family and a husband who didn't blink an eye when the decision was made for me to quit school in order to focus on this crazy dream. In fact it was kinda his idea ;-)

So here is where it begins, this journey from crazy mom who just bakes for fun, to the crazy mom who makes magnificent cakes full of love for others to enjoy as much as she does.

I am sure that some days will be better than others but for now my mind is full of amazing possibilities and of course


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